Preserving Heritage, Integrating Communities, Moving Syrians Forward



Syriana is a US. non-profit, grass-root organization of Syrian- Americans dedicated to heal the deep societal divisions of the Syrian war.


Reintegrating the Syrian people 

Collective heritage, socially integrative businesses, and intellectual dialogue are natural forces to forge collective Syrian identity and retard the outcomes of the Syrian war. 


We employ a three-pronged strategy:

  1. Promoting collective Syrian heritage as the core of the Syrian identity by:
    1. preserving heritage industries
    2. promoting arts and literature that relay a collective narrative, and
    3. supporting academic research examining the structure of the Syrian communities and developing a new “theory of us”.
  2. Promoting socially-integrating businesses to empower disenfranchised Syrians wherever reached by:
    1. integrating refugees in the economy of their host communities,
    2. advising Syrian small businesses and artisan workshops
    3. establishing stable markets for these struggling enterprises in the US
  3. Promoting cross-community dialogue via
    1. Mobilizing and organizing the silent majority of Syrians as a bridge between the different communities.
    2.  Sponsoring dialogues between thought leaders of the different communities to identify possibilities and barriers against integration.
    3. Popularizing the value of societal reintegration as a mean to achieve the aspiration of the Syrian people of dignity and prosperity.