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The lives of millions of Syrians are now devastated beyond belief. Divided by borders and identities, Syrians are united by pain. In a world that defies common sense, we ought to help wherever and however we can. Our organization, Syriana has worked over the last few years on bridging Syrian communities by pioneering innovative social programs addressing humanitarian needs, developing communities, and promoting peace. 

Our actions are based in communities. Our approach has been to work with people and keep a low profile. We wanted to walk the walk. However, in such a catastrophe, we found it imperative to share our resources and operations with the public to help serve the devastated communities in the areas we have access to. We swiftly adapted our operations to help those who are suffering with our network of community- and faith-based organizations.

In designing our interventions, we realize that the situation is very dynamic and acute needs are rapidly shifting. Furthermore, we realize the needs are immense and will only increase. While we address the imminent needs. we also want to look towards the future. We are moved by the incredible solidarity of the Syrian people in fighting this catastrophe from south to north, east to west, and from around the globe. That spontaneous outpouring of love and grief is the biggest response to the divisions imposed on us. We see this dark moment an opportunity to heed the call of our people, to come together and rise from the rubble as one.

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